Short Stories


They say immortality is a gift, but it is, in fact, a curse.

Photo Credit: Pexels – Engin Akyurt

After you turn 197, like me, you’ll realise that it truly is a curse. After a few years of moving to a new country, a new city just so to avoid suspicions. After seeing babies born, grow up and die, seeing parents leave their young ones and pretty old ones. I’ve seen the world evolve – evolve in a sense that new fashion, food, buildings grows outdated and then come back again, claiming to be the new thing, and believe me when I say I’m tired. The endless monotony, the incessant thunder of problems and solutions; all so new yet startlingly familiar.

The thought of aging would freak anyone out, the thought of seeing people die before you, the thought of you leaving others, the thought of not being able to do things you once loved doing. I used to be like everyone else, until my twentieth birthday.

It was like a normal day for a birthday. I celebrated with a couple of friends and my then boyfriend and it went pretty good. I experienced the fun of turning twenty, two years after being an adult, three years after I lost both of my parents to a car accident and also exactly three years after I met my boyfriend. Yes, my birthday was our anniversary and my parent’s death anniversary.

After celebrating my birthday, I and boyfriend left my friends to go celebrate our three years together, at least that was what I thought. We had just gotten to the park and headed to our favorite spot, a special quiet place he found – unless it wasn’t quiet this time, there were three cute puppies there.

Seeing the puppies, I rushed over to pet them, thinking he actually got them for me and….

“Awwww… coo-ties,” I cooed while rubbing my hands on the puppies.
After a few minutes, I turned over to my sweet boyfriend only to see him fuming in anger. Or jealousy. And I could do was stare.

“How could you?!” He growled.

“What?” I asked, finally finding my voice.

“You heard me.” He growled
“I just petted the pups. Didn’t you get them for me?”

“I didn’t. I can’t and…never can,”

“What do you mean? Are you seriously jealous over pups?”

“I’m leaving now.”

“Wha….” I asked, confused.

He turned his back and started to move away from me, leaving me startled, confused and kind of scared.

“I’ll be back in two centuries,” He said calmly. “Don’t even try to kill yourself, because it would be futile. I am he who decides who leaves this world and who doesn’t. I am Death.”

And there and then, he disappeared.

He’s been true to his word. I’ve planned, plotted, ran through hundreds of ideas, all ending up to nothing.

I’m stuck with Death’s ex wife, Life.